House Rules

House Rules

Starting Equipment

You do not start with any equipment listed under your class and or background. Instead, roll for gold on the table on page 143 of the Player’s Handbook.


Your base initiative is 1d6. Add 1d6 for each point of your Dex mod. Your initiative dice can never fall below 1d6.

Proficiency Bonus

Instead of a flat proficiency bonus, your proficiency bonus has been converted into a die value as follows:

+2 = 1d4
+3 = 1d6
+4 = 1d8
+5 = 1d10
+6 = 1d12

Faction Bonuses

In addition to your purchased equipment, each adventurer gets the following equipment based on his or her faction:

Harpers: 1 set Artisan Tools, 1 Forgery Kit, 1 Disguise Kit
Order of the Gauntlet: 1 weapon silvered for free
Emerald Enclave: 3 common healing potions (2d4+2)
Lord’s Alliance: 2 free common weapons
Zhentarim: 4d4x10 gold
Factionless: 1 free weapon + 1 common healing potion (2d4+2)

House Rules

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